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Seeds today. Sunflowers tomorrow.
UTK JEM Internship

(For junior & senior Journalism students attending the University of TN, Knoxville)

As a first-generation college graduate, my
success is rooted in higher education.

There is unlimited power in opportunity,
resources, and mentors.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville offered
me this, and so much more, in abundance.

What you see above is a young woman who did it her way + confidently continues along the path God has designed for her (Proverbs 16:9), and because of this it is imperative I encourage students to do the same. 

There will be twists. There will definitely be turns. But, as long as you plant seed after seed,

and nurture each one, your garden will grow far beyond your imagination.

The right people will help you water your seeds, but your journey belongs to you. 

Throughout my 4 years as a Journalism major, I enjoyed:

Writing for the Daily Beacon

Working as a disc jockey for WUTK the Rock

Filming, producing, reporting, and even anchoring once for UT Today 

Filming a documentary and photographing for a blog during Study Abroad in

Nicosia, Cyprus (Europe) with Dr. Legg

Interning at WBIR, Knoxville's NBC affiliate station 

Attending Dr. Swan's annual JEM trip to NYC visiting the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Anderson Cooper, and ABC (I saw my first Broadway production during this trip. #WorkLifeBalance)

Championing diversity and inclusion with the College of Communication and Information's Diversity Student Leaders Society (LOVE my "UTK Mom" Mrs. Alice Wirth and her husband, Dean Emeritus Michael Wirth)

Mentoring Knoxville's youth with Girl Talk, Inc. 

Professionally, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, let alone what I was called to do, but the multitude of opportunities (intentional and unintentional) built character (extremely important), allowed me to learn what I needed to improve, what should remain a hobby (everything doesn't need to be monetized), and what I did not enjoy at all. Had I not drowned out the noise and simply followed others' expectations for my life I would not have pursued two Master's degrees, stumbled across my adoration for marketing, become a businesswoman and entrepreneuHER, or birthed R-O-S Media. Remember, they can't box you in if you don't allow it (#ACCOUNTABILITY). 

Because of this, it's so important for me to give other students the opportunity to be seen and find their way. The path to your profession will not be linear (that's actually pretty boring if you ask me). Life is much too short to walk along one, straight line. Zig zag as much as you need to because the world of Journalism and Electronic Media has so much more to offer now, and with the current rate of innovation and technology this will only improve.

The Seeds today. Sunflowers tomorrow. UTK JEM Internship will launch Fall 2024.

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Thank you for expressing interest in R-O-S Media's internship program! To allow enough time to review all of your information prior to arranging

a phone call or Zoom meeting, please allow

up to 1-2 business days for a response.

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