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Let R-O-S-Media shine its light on your marketing and media, today!


Ravyn "Ray" T.

Founder & Director

Ray of Sunshine Media delivers public relations and marketing solutions for radiant brands by producing and promoting

clear, cohesive, and 

credible media.

You plant the seeds.

We make it bloom!

Marketing Strategy

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  R-O-S Media develops your objectives with an intentional digital or print strategy, or the combination of both. The basis for productive marketing is applied research.

Website Development

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Is your website functional? Does it  communicate clearly the goods or services you provide? Is it current and a direct reflection of your brand?

Branding Photography

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When your brand is

on display, is your photography and videography high quality? Does it clearly communicate your provision and vision?

Brand Identity


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Does your brand have an established voice? Visually, is your brand all

over the place? 

How are you selling your story?



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From business cards to banners, clear

and credible marketing collateral is a must and should remain present

at all times.



Junir Achievement Memphis
Canvas Rebel
Cigna healthcare
Gap kids logo
Commercial Appeal
Shelby County Government

Looking to package your knowledge and sell as an eBook?! Look no further and allow R-O-S Media

to package it for you!

Seeds today. Sunflowers tomorrow. 

Your BIG idea needs sunrays to bloom.

Vote Erika Sugarmon
Juicing with Jackie Memphis

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Nothing makes content and

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like vivid, high-quality photography.

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