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Let ROS-Media shine its light into your marketing strategies, TODAY!

Pretty is good; pretty, profitable, AND purposeful are BETTER.

I'm promoting a sale for my catering company! What can you design for me?

Loyalty cards and coupon cards promote sales while generating brand awareness! ROS-Media helps you create purposeful discounts and we design them, too!   

I host events frequently and I want guests to know I care about their feedback. What can you design for me?

Surveys are essential for gathering feedback on your goods or services and business operations in general. They can be distributed in print or electronically and at any time of the day. They are also cost-effective and provide anonymity for an increased response rate. 

I offer MANY products and services! Can you design me a brochure?!


ROS-Media can design the perfect brochure for your business' listing or explaining your goods or services. By specializing in product photography, ROS-Media can provide the photos for your brochure, as well. 

Click HERE to see the full design for the brochure above!

I need labels-- a different one per product! Can you design labels that reflect my brand???


Your logo can serve as your main label for your goods with specific labels as your secondary labels. These labels are useful for companies that offer many different goods, such as hair care and catering companies. 

I need business cards-- I want them double-sided and FULL of info! You got me?!

Flavor Favors Memphis, TN

Business cards have the power to touch hands to open doors for unlimited opportunities! If you have multiple forms of contact, your business is known for providing specific goods and services, or both, then double-sided business cards are beneficial for you!

I need public relations help-- I know what I want to say, but I don't know how to say it or whom to say it to! HELP!

I need engaging graphics to advertise and promote! You got me covered?


With research and copywriting as marketing essentials, these two elements fuel effective public relations, as well. Once you have established your brand's voice, with or without the help of ROS-Media, you can count on us to lead or assist with your PR strategies, too! 


Click HERE to view the press release shared on the tablets, above! 

Flavor Favors Memphis

What's a promotion without a clear and concise graphic?! Let ROS-Media design your engaging graphics for your events, new releases, launches, price lists, and more!

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