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Is Your Tank Running on Premium?

Have you ever wanted to consume more fruits and vegetables but you just did not know where to start? Well, a smoothie (often referred to as "juicing") is a great and manageable method. It is important for various health reasons to get your daily dose of fruit and veggies and ensure that your tank (body) is running on that good ole 93 premium fuel at ALL times. I stumbled across a very detailed video on YouTube (what would I do without YouTube?!) and I rocketed from there! The video is a great starting point because she lists the benefits of each ingredient, different smoothie recipes, and most importantly she shows that it CAN be done! Pictured above is one of my favorite recipes (via Snapchat) and as illustrated I included:

carrots: promote healthier skin

spinach: bone health (Popeye was on to somethin'!)

oranges: lower cholesterol

strawberries: boost immunity

You can click each ingredient to learn more about their benefits from other credible sources. I have been on my smoothie flow for a little over a month now (January 30, 2017) and I enjoy it more and more each day! I added chia seeds and almond milk to this smoothie. I will update, in a series of sub-posts, different and more detailed recipes. Feel free to share what you like; thankfully our options are unlimited!


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