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Are You Getting in Your Own Way?

If you can count on several occasions that negativity you've experienced were results of your OWN bad decisions then you've continuously got in your own way. There are times we have all fallen short of God's glory BUT repeated mistakes are choices, meaning, you chose to take the negative route, yet again. I have heard the narrative time and time (AND TIME) again, "He/She was so smart back in the day, they just kept making poor decisions." What can be perceived as a "minor move" can actually cause monumental damage. For example, you procrastinated so long on that application for the school of your dreams, you're now living a nightmare waiting for next year to roll around so you can apply. Sometimes, poor decisions can have a domino effect and lead to continual havoc (when it rains it pours).

Even if you refuse to learn from your own mistakes, there's a thing or two you can learn from the people who came before you. You can't knowingly go down destruction avenue and expect your life to be dynamite. It has been said that when you know better you should do better. While knowing is a start, it's the actions you take that actually keep you stagnant or propel you forward. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, "What you do speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say."

Often times, we make excuses of why we shouldn't take the job, apply for the internship, gain the professional experience, read that informative article or book, move to another city but we don't think twice about putting ourselves in harm's way. It is extremely important to be aware of your personal and professional goals and make sure they align with your purpose. When you seek the Lord harder, it becomes harder and harder for Satan to reach you. Don't make it easy for the devil and continuously get in your own way by making poor decisions.


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