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Passion & Purpose: Meet Arika Williams of Glams by Arika

Client: Arika Williams (Glams by Arika)

Contact: @Glamsbyarika

ROS-Media had the pleasure of catching up with the owner and operator of Glams by Arika, Arika Williams. Williams is an independent makeup artist, based in Cordova, TN, offering makeup artistry to enhance your beauty for any occasion. Her provision ranges from natural glam to bridal services to one on one classes. Whether you need a makeup artist for date night or a photoshoot, Arika has you covered.

"My mission is to make all women feel beautiful! I call ALL of my clients "beauties" , because they are," says Williams with her bright smile that lights up ANY room. "If you have gone through something that has changed your physical appearance, you are STILL beautiful." It was indeed a life-changing experience, battling cancer, that led Williams to pursue makeup artistry full time. It has now become her purpose.

"I found comfort and peace by doing makeup. I started on myself then close friends and family, and eventually began offering my services to other women," says Williams. In addition to providing makeup artistry services, Williams has hosted two, sold out makeup classes in her hometown, and she now offers eyebrow arch and tint services. Her constant growth is a clear result of her true passion for makeup artistry. When she's not giving glams, you can catch her slaying a one-of-a-kind makeup tutorial on Instagram in TRUE Glams by Arika fashion. She's also no stranger to trying new products, so be sure to check her out on Instagram!

What ROS-Media admires about GBA: Arika's work ethic and flexibility are refreshing. She continues to think outside of the box while communicating her brand thoroughly and constantly. You can guarantee that she will keep you interested in her brand.

Why ROS-Media is proud to work with GBA: There is NEVER a dull moment and she always brings passion and solid vision to the table. Working with Arika is a collaborative effort because it's evident she does her research, studies her industry, and practices her craft (all on a regular basis).

Services ROS-Media has provided for GBA: Logo design, photography, videography, and social media marketing

Be sure to check out Glams by Arika on Instagram at @Glamsbyarika! Stay tuned for ALL she has in store for this year!


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